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Thread: Best way to get good at ArtRage 2.5

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    Best way to get good at ArtRage 2.5

    I'm a new user of ArtRage 2.5.

    I tried the Quick Start and it was obvious to me that the software is easy to use, but I'm not much of a painter?

    What would be the best way to produce better results?

    Is there a book I could follow along with that would teach me how to paint?

    Thanks, Terry

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    Please dont take this the wrong way, as I also statred off clueless. But the best possible way to get started is to read the manual under Help; then practice, practice, practice while lots while having fun!

    That really is the best way,

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    softreq- A good resource is to sift through the posts on Tips & Tricks. This will give you ideas that will spawn questions that you can then post. There are a good many very helpful and fun people on this forum.
    Be well,

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    As the others have stated, the best thing to do before jumping right to drawing/painting is to read through the manual. It is very useful to know what the program has to offer, so you can best utilize it's tools to get the effects you'd like. After that, it is always good to go back to the basics. Do a few studies on spheres, cones, and cubes, trying each of the tools separately and together to get acquainted with them. Once you have a feel for the tools and what each has to offer, starting an actual picture should be made easier.
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    Welcome to here Terry. All of the above is good advice. I'd add that there is a list of tutorials right at the top of the Tips and Tricks section. Have fun with ArtRage and share your progress with us.

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    I for one never read any manual . Its just not manly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by popepain View Post
    I for one never read any manual . Its just not manly.
    I like the way you think! haha

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    Welcome to ArtRage and the forums!

    Iīd say a mix of all of the above is the best way to get started.

    Like popepain, I didnīt read the manual at first. Not because itīs unmanly, but because I was lazy. I fiddled about with mixed results. One day the power went out (a regular occurrence here) and having nothing better to do, I read the manual. After that, I had a pretty good idea of the basics and from there my painting started to improve. Well, my use of ArtRage improved. The manual wonīt make you a great painter.

    Most of all, fiddle about, read the parts of the manual that are of interest or relevant at the moment, and simply have fun! The fun bit is the most important.
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