I have a simple suggestion for a useful addition to a future version of ArtRage! So, right now, in ArtRage 2.5, when you go to Export As Image, it always defaults "Save as type" to "JPEG". (This is on a PC.) However, I commonly save to "PNG", and find it inconvenient to have to keep changing to that whenever I export an image.

My suggestion is to make ArtRage remember the last exported format, so whether you keep it the same or change it, a little bit of friction in an otherwise wonderful user experience is smoothed.

Please consider this and thanks in advance!

I also wrote to you ArtRage makers a little while back about the fact I'm getting more Second Life Residents involved in using ArtRage to create inworld content. Making clothing like painterly shirts is a lot of fun! See my video tutorial, and here's over 40 shirts, most of them made in ArtRage!