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Thread: Selection tool a MUST!

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    Selection tool a MUST!


    I just purchased artrage today after trying out the demo, which I found very limited and I wasn't even %100 certain if it was what I wanted, hehe. Well I took the chance and are quite happy.

    Anyhows I like the direction artrage has taken, alike more traditional painting, although I've never done any real traditional painting before, just pencil and paper, hehe. But yea, I think the lack of a selection tool is a tad extreme, I'm sure it wouldn't take much time to implement and would be nice to see a version 2.6 with this feature .

    Well it's just that I've just drawn something in the wrong place and would like to move it slightly, and it also would allow me to do alot of tweaking. I guess current users must have alot of practise of spotting mistakes early and correcting and such. BTW, I know about moving the layer and the work around of duplicating the layer and such, but I think this is a bit much for such things, hehe.

    But yea, I see this feature is requested alot after doing a quick search and look through the forums.

    My best advise for newbies is to learn the shortcut keys, as it's darn cool with a tablet as ya can easily zoom and rotate the canvas and such .


    Hmm, I was just thinking that as the paint system seem so complex it might actually not be so strait forward to implement a selection/move edit tool, but I dunno. Anyhows I do hope to see such a feature soon .

    Just ended up drawing the thing again, was only in early sketch stage. Well it was the head, hehe.

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    welcome yosh

    You said you know already the workarounds... but i give you some more tips:

    You can use the "make Stencil from Layer" Function as a selection tool:
    1. Make a new Layer (mabe set the layeropacitiy a bit lower)
    2. Draw your Selection with the tools in Greyscale (it's easyier, you can control the transparency of the stencil "mask")
    3. Make a Stencil from this Layer
    4. Invert the stencil and erase all around (don't forget to chose the right layer, and make a duplicate for backup)
    5. now you have a layer with only the object wich you now can move, rotate and scale...

    And well as ..... the best tip is maybe to plan / sketch out your image first...
    that saves alot of work...and you'll no miss these selection functions

    Otherwise just wait for artrage 3 ... i'll be sure they're cooking something up

    Greez maror

    Artrage 2.6 & Wacom Intuos 3 A5
    XP SP2

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    Quote Originally Posted by maror View Post
    Otherwise just wait for artrage 3 ... i'll be sure they're cooking something up
    This is definitely something we're simmering.
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