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    Hi everyone I am very new to painting, drawing, etc. I experimented a little while I was homeless with drawing various cartoons and the city library...actually where ever I happened to be at the moment. I even bought a kit to help me learn a little more once. I have had to urge to paint and draw for ages and figure its never to late to learn a new skill...even if i can barely draw a straight line.

    Other then painting I also really love writing. Unlike painting though this has been a life long habit. I am currently working on a fantasy piece that is my inspiration for wanting to paint more. I want to put on paper the things I see for my fantasy world.

    Anyway thats a just a little bit about me. I have posted my first piece in the gallery section. I was just experimenting with colors with that one. Any tips for a newbie...a gaming term i know but it fits lol...are more then welcome.

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    Welcome to here Arwyn. I look forward to seeing your posting.

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    Welcome Arwyn.

    I'd love to see a good story with nice illustrations

    Happy painting!!


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    A warm welcome, blushing Arwyn! This software will soon give You a quantum leap to express Yourself!

    I'd also complete the Sirius Black statement extending it aslo to "certain" superiors in certain cases!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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