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Thread: Colours appearing "washed out"?

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    Colours appearing "washed out"?

    Hi, I'm still new to this and maybe the answer is staring me in the face!

    I am drawing a very basic picture as I still get to grips with the program and a drawing tablet, but I'm having problems with colours.

    They don't appear on my pictures anything like they appear on the colour selection panel. I am trying to get a vibrant red at the moment but it looks washed out and almost brick red when it's applied to my picture. Same with black, it ends up grey looking.

    I have used a very bright yellow and that appears exactly as it does when I choose it from the colour selection.

    At first I thought it was something to do with maybe colours on lower layers interfering with colours laid on top, but that's not what is happening.

    As an experiment I laid down black and added several layers above, all black, and it still looks grey so I know it's not the above that's a problem.

    I am using felt tip and have chosen all manner of settings to do with wetness, pressure etc. But can't get my colours right at all.

    Can anyone help please? Thanks very much

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    Are you using a tracing image?
    I got the washed out results you talk of here and din't think about how a white tracing image will dull the colours. Press "T" to toggle it on and off. Worth a try.

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    Hi there!

    One possibility is that you've got the metallic slider turned up to a high value. Check down the bottom right of your ArtRage window. Beneath the colour picker is a horizontal slider labelled "Metallic". Move it all the way to the left as shown in the image below. ArtRage uses a lighting model, and these lights are much more pronounced when metallics are turned on, which will tend to cause colours to generally appear darker.

    Also, if you're using the felt pen, there is a certain amount of translucency, so black may look lighter. Enabling the 'art pen' setting ( button on the left tool panel with the felt pen selected ) will make it have a less translucent look.

    One other possibility: When selecting a colour, check the bottom right hand corner of the colour picker. This area shows you the colour you have selected. You choose the main colour in the main area of the colour picker, then the lightness in the right hand vertical bar of the colour picker. The result is displayed in the corner. For example, if you chose bright red in the main area of the colour picker, but put the indicator in the right hand bar all the way to the top, it would end up white ( because you chose to make it as light as possible in this case ).

    I hope that helps. Let us know how you get on!
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    Gormash hit the nail on the head. I was tracing an image practising using the stencils and the tracing showing does indeed make the colours washed out until you remove it!

    Thanks to both of you for the replies - would have been going around in circles for ages otherwise and not getting anywhere

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