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    New to Forum & Intro

    Hello All

    My name's Renee and I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa.

    I was searching for some nice plugin filters when I stumbled on this program. I downloaded the trial version and within 10 minutes of playing I knew I HAD TO HAVE the full version. I blew a hole in my credit card budget as we have to times by 8.5 to the dollar, but I'm so glad I did.

    This is by far the most user friendly paint program out there. And as a digi scrapbook element designer I of course LOVE the fact that there's glitter and the metalics option.

    I've been reading some of the posts on the forum and this is such a sharing community. I've already tried Hannz's tutorial on creating stencils. How easy to understand and to the point is that tut? Thanks for keeping it so simple.

    I have a few questions and 1 is sort of a burning one and the topic has probably been covered before, but I'm impatient and need an answer now LOL. I'm trying to create a striped metallic "paper" for digi scrapping and I've got the stencil working well, but I notice the colour goes from light in the top left corner to dark in the bottom right corner. How can I stop this from happening?


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    Hellooo Renee, and welcome

    I used to be the only (declared South African) around here - and now we are at least three - Yvan, you and I. Anyway I had the same expeirence as you with AR...I downloaded the free version, and bought the full version the next day! I have NEVER regretted that purchase - this is a very special software!
    ...and sooner or later we shall have Watercolours in addition to this which is very cool


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    Welc Renee
    The light thingie is an ArtRage speciality. The light is built into AR in order to show the depth of paint. It's esp. visible with metallic paints. You can turn it on/off with F5, but then you will not be able to see the metallic paint and depth of your image.
    Turning down the metallics will reduce the problem. Or make the canvas bigger than needed, eg. 1000x1000 - paint on part of it eg. 100x100. Export as .png and crop it in another program (or import it in a new ArtRage and crop the image using Edit... Resize the Canvas...).
    Happy DoodLS

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    Welcome to here Renee. I love your enthusiasm for the ArtRage program and I'm sure you'll find the community here to be a valuable and enjoyable bonus.

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    Hallo Renee, welcome,

    As Rowena pointed out, we are at least three from SA on this forum!

    Having a lot of fun with this proggie. It is far more powerful than it appears at first glance. A good place to start would be to have a look at the tutorials and go through the tips and tricks.

    Have fun!


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    Welcome Renee and long live our South African painting and rugby masters then!!!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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