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Thread: Masking tape

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    Masking tape

    First, I'm really impressed with many aspects of this program, particularly the way it simulates paint volume on the canvas.

    So here's my solution for the need for straight lines and misc. masking issues: masking tape.

    Take a look at the attatched screen grab for a rough example, but in essence, the user could apply the tape just like one would on real canvas, then paint away, and when finished, the tape could be pulled off. I think you'd need two basic parameters to begin with, the first is width of course, and the second would be a bend resistance. In otherwords, with a bend resistance of say 100% the tape would be applied in straight lines, while at lesser percenteges it would be more pliable so curved masking would be possible.

    This would be awsome for people like me who do lots of geometric type painting.
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    Hi Housewarmer.
    Masking tape and masking fluid are two of the ideas we're considering. We know we need some form of masking in ArtRage - we're just exploring what makes the most sense, and what will keep ArtRage as ArtRage.

    Your mock-up is excellent. We should get all you UI mockup artists to work for us!
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    Very cool, I liked your screenshot a lot too!
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    great stuff...

    Maybe we could have one more option under the mask'in tape options. I'm thinking off bleedthrough at the edges of the tape. Sometimes you would want it to be straight and sometimes it might be nice to have a little bleed to approximate the analouge feel even more.

    Ofcourse you could do a subtle pass with the palette knife to get the same look, but still....

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    This is a cool feature, I like it.

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