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Thread: Ink Art 1.3 Question. Help Please!

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    Exclamation Ink Art 1.3 Question. Help Please!

    I don't know if Ink Art 1.3 is the less advanced version of ArtRage, but I have a question about it and hopefully someone can answer it for me... Is there a paint bucket tool? I don't like how the background is an off-white color because I'm trying to create a design and then upload it onto a website to be put onto a shirt and the off-white background can be seen on a white shirt. I would rather be able to have a completely white background or paint bucket tool to solve this problem.. is there that tool or something like it? I can't find anything like that..

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    Ink Art is an earlier version of ArtRage, done for the Microsoft TabletPC experience pack. ArtRage 2.5 is the latest version of ArtRage.
    However ArtRage doesn't have a fill tool either...

    Instead of using a fill tool to change the background, you can change the paper colour in ArtRage. From the layer menu, choose 'Edit Paper settings', and then change the paper to pure white, or change the paper to transparent and export as a PNG with transparency.
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