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Thread: eyedropper on reference pictures

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    eyedropper on reference pictures

    The butt end of a pen stylus is used as an eraser, but on a reference picture it seems to act the same as the tip end (it wants to move, twist or scale the reference picture).

    How about letting the butt end of a pen stylus act as the color sampler / eyedropper tool when it taps on a reference picture? Then you can select your painting tools and not have to keep switching tools to use the sampler.

    Yes, I know that the Alt/Option key seems to do that too, but any time I don't have to reach for the keyboard, the better.
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    one hand on the keyboard, one hand on the stylus... works for me.
    that way you can quickly switch tools with the keyboard, much quicker than flipping the stylus around for the eraser
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    Ya, that's what I do as well, and it's ideal-- if you're sitting at a desk. But if I'm leaning back in a butterfly chair, with my tablet in my lap, the last thing I want to do is contort myself or get in any way uncomfy to reach the keyboard.


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    That approach also does not work with TabletPC's when the keyboard is not accessible (or does not exist).

    When at my PC, though, that is what I do -- on ehand on the keyboard, and one on the Wacom tablet.


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