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Thread: Urgent doctor needed!

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    Urgent doctor needed!

    So here's something that i started just yesterday when i drew a couple of faces that just popped into my head. I came up with a mixture of a clown who's been thrown out of this 3 ring circus and now has pursued his medicinal practices.

    Can you say URGENT DOCTOR NEEDED!!!

    *doctor says*....."ummm...yeesss?"
    (oh boy)

    Below in the first picture i have Dr. Clown holding some type of parchment and he looks pretty strung out. This is my line art and i know it isn't the best but hey that's why i practice. The second image is the one that im starting to add some color and play play with the brush tool and airbrush as well. I hope it turns out okae but if not there's always more where that came from. I mean sometimes an artist has to learn to let go too.
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    create like no ones looking!!!

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