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    Tigwa Guest

    Wink Mystery

    This was a very mysterious painting. This started out to be another "Wild Rose" painting but "someone" wanted to have me see them. (as in somewhere in my mind this "mystery man" was talking to me saying "paint me" ) So this is the begining. Haven't tried faces since grade school. The original size is so small as I started at max magnification. So I enlarged it and I will be working on it here and there.

    Funny thing is that I seem to be more nervous about putting this up on site than any thing I have thus far.

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    Why should this embarrass you, Mrs. Muir?

    Fine job.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    LOL ... good one DA.
    Hey, if I could do faces this well ... I would.

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    I enjoy the face that you've created and im sure that when it's done that it will turn out great.
    I also think that you might want to use a less HOT color if you know what i mean, there aren't much colors that you have added to it yet and most of them seem to receed into the background because the red is screaming for so much attention. Maybe a slightly darker color will do and it will help being much more mystery to the painting. Also when you add colors on top of it you can go brighter to bring back the Hot red if you want.
    I hope this help

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    irishrose Guest
    Wonderful image... love the red background.

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    Dear Tigwa, Well done!! but not at all a scary apparition!a mystery!!! maybe it is our resident pirate Captain Jack, his art is captivating

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    Tigwa Guest

    Wink Thank You All

    D Akey, Thank you It is similar to thje "Captain"

    RobertSWade, Thank You, Your paintings are so masterfully done that I take every word you give as silver in the lining of the clouds.

    Pandaxtor808, Thank You for your sugestions. I began the painting to do Another "rose" painting like my "Wild Rose" however after the first stroke of the brush, This Mystery Man started to appear. Had I stopped to change the background color I probably would not of painted this "Mystery". Sometimes you just have to go with "feelings" and let the energy flow thru you.

    Irish Rose, Yes You are the "Wild Rose".

    Lee, You Got it !!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!! And yes I have been watching Capt. Jack's wonderful work.

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    irishrose Guest
    Bless you, Tigwa!!!! I am a WILD IRISH ROSE for sure! Ask anyone! haha...

    You remind me of my mom... you look a lot like her and I miss her.. would you adopt me??

    And is it okay to use your WILD IRISH ROSE on my desktop? I would love it!

    Thank you (taking a bow to the princess of paint!)

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    like it!..
    expecially the eyes' color! ;-)

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