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Thread: How do I colourize a figure?

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    Unhappy How do I colourize a figure?

    Help me!
    New user og Art rage and I simply CAN'T find out how I colourize figures, squares etc. Can't find any fitting tools or any explanations in the Helpdesk either..

    Please mail me the simple answer..

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    Really not sure what you're asking. Can you be more specific?

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    If you're used to working with a paint program such as Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop, you unfortunately won't find selections, magic wands or fills in AR.

    You have to create your shape and then paint in the color.

    I miss them too being a user of PSP for over 10 years, but then the other programs don't allow for the different kinds of brush strokes one is able to do in AR. Perhaps someday a tutorial can be created indicating just how the brush strokes are created, pressure, size, etc.

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