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Thread: Size Of the tools

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    Size Of the tools


    It would be cool if the size of the tools was independant of the resolution of the drawing. Because when I want to do a 300dpi painting my tools become extremely small.


    Ce serait cool si la taille des outils (pinceau etc) était independante de la résolution de l'image.

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    Maybe you already know this ... the tool size can be entered from the keyboard up to 500%.

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    For a second I thought this thread belonged in the After 9 O'clock forum!

    I know, I know, Bob... get my head out of the gutter. Bleh.

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    Hi Kaman!

    Thank you for the suggestion. If you click the tool preview in the bottom left corner of the window, you can enter a number greater than 100% for the tool size ( up to 500% ). We added this for people who want tools much larger than the standard size.

    Moving this post to the Suggestions forum
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