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Thread: New person...Need help please! :(

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    Question New person...Need help please! :(

    Okay so I got my ArtRage 2.5 and I know, for the most part how to use it, but these stencils that I see how do I get more of them? Also any pointers would be awesome!


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    Hi and welcome. Be sure to check out the "Tips n' Tricks forum for lots of really good tutorials.

    But people may have some ideas specifically for your question. I haven't used the stencil feature so i can't help there.

    Good luck and have fun with it. It's a fairly easy learning curve once you get a couple questions answered.
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    Welcome. In addition to the stencils that are supplied with the program you can also find more online (google stencils) and you can even make your own. The trick to that is to remember that the darker the line you make, the more transparent it will be as a stencil. You can make them in ArtRage with the tool of your choice or any other graphic program and then save them to the stencil sub-folder in the Ambient Design folder ( ... Ambient Design/ArtRage/Resources/Stencils ... ). You might want to make a new folder there to store your created or found stencils.

    Hope you have fun with ArtRage and you'll share your creations with us here.

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    Looks like everyone has already helped you along here, but just in case, here is a video tutorial that may help:
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