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Thread: My sketchbook

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    Talking My sketchbook

    Over the past two months I've been sketching a lot when at work (I work at a kindergarden and regularly draw along with the kids). I've finally gotten my act together and hooked up my scanner, so I thought I'd show them off here. Both to brag and to get hints and tips on how to improve.

    Here they are, in chronological order.
    Keep in mind that these are drawn on standard copy-paper with childrens pencils. You know, the thick kind that's not supposed to break if you drop them on the floor, none of them truly sharp. Not the best tools, but what's available to me at the kindergarden.

    Various tries at manga faces and parts of faces.

    Trying to experiment with mouths, eyes and folds in clothing. Still very manga inspired.

    A face. First one I've tried using proportional lines to get the eyes, nose and mouth located right.

    A simple one did just for fun. Wanted to experiment with eyes and eyebrows. Not really me, though. Gonna branch away from this style.

    Various eyes and a hand. First attempt at drawing hands, by the way.
    The eye I liked the most were the most realistic one, upper left. It's still not quite what I'm looking for, though.

    The first eye I was truly pleased with. I experimented a bit with the highlights and ended up with two of them inside the pupil and one at the lower right of the iris. Realized later that the eyebrow was more male while the eye had a female look to it.

    Yet another hand, this time a little bigger. Decent try, but there's something wrong with the inner digit of the thumb, and the four fingers are a little too straight along the edges.

    Trying to draw different hand postures, as well as getting a feel for the feet. The only ones I actually like is the foot and hand at the lower right. I should have drawn the little finger and ring finger together, though, not apart.
    You can see from the crosses which ones I hated.

    A goblin-ish character I drew a few days ago (lots of time to fool around at work during summertime). Not really sure what I was trying to achieve, I just wanted a character with HUGE eyes and a monster-look about him.

    A coloured sketch of my left fist. I'm pleased with the rusult, with the exception of a line initially drawn wrong. Unfortunately I didn't have an eraser available.

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    im sure with much mroe practice you will do much better. What i would suggest is that you practice with the real thing and actually use a sketch,pen, and pencil.
    Really try to articulate what a hand looks like because what you have there is good but it seems like mostly contour drawing. I know you can do and you can get those articulations if you look closely at a hand. If you have any questions i'd be happy to help you out.

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    ooo im sorry wow i didn't realize that these were actual sketches from your book...i guess that goes to show that artrage fooled me...LOL

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    I've gone ahead and bought myself a few books on drawing as well as some sketchpads and a decent selection of pencil. Not only on your recommendation Pandaxtor, I've had it in mind for a while. I just had to wait for the paycheck to come in...
    By the way, thanks for the encouraging words. ^_^

    I've been drawing a lot lately and today I finally got around to scanning in a few of them. I have to spread them over a few posts due to the limit of max 5 images per post. Enjoy (or hate, depending on your taste)!


    #1 - A weird creature drawn in a slow moment at work. Not really sure what I wanted here.

    #2 - A variety of hands. I'm not really happy with any of them. They all have some veird proportions, but at least I'm aware of it myself.

    #3 - A quick sketch of my fiancé playing World of Warcraft in a relaxed posture. Done with a 0.7 push-pencil.

    #4 - The plant is pore imagination, but both the bowl and plush duckie are objects in my house. I forgot to add shadows to the duckie so it might not be apparent that it's seen lying on the side, seen from slightly above.

    #5 - A variety of faces. Just trying things out...
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    #1 - Originally inteded as a quick sketch about proportions, but details started to creep in and I ended up with cromagnon man.

    #2 - A different aproach to drawing heads. The intent is NOT to draw details but to get the positioning of the major bodyparts right.

    #3 - A random guy I saw at a square standing still for a bit, thinking or studying something.

    #4 - A woman sitting on a bench waiting. I'm not sure if she noticed me drawing her or not, but she kept glancing over at me whenever she thought I didn't notice.

    #5 - My woman taking an afterdinner nap. I did not get the face right at all, but I'm fairly happy with the way I managed folds in the fabric.
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    Looks like the images in the last post were a bit jumbled together. Oh well, I'm guessing you'll figure out which comment goes to which sketch.

    #1 - A landscape portrait taken from my mind, done while on the phone with my boss.

    #2 - A pencil sharpener and a glass of pepsi. Don't seem to manage highlights very well yet. They have been smudged a bit (used a 6B pencil).

    #3 - One of the kids in the kindergarden as she's talking to a friend over breakfast.

    #4 - Two attemps at drawing persons, both of them failing miserably at looking like the models. No biggie, though. AT least they look HUMAN. ^_^

    #5 - Another one, this of two co-workers talking to someone else (not each other).
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    And these three concludes today's scanning session...

    #1 - A plastic cup that I stared to draw, but never got the chance to finish. Got off to a good start, though...

    #2 - A series of heads I drew, trying to to draw heads at different angles and without too much details. I'm fairly happy with them all, seeing as it's a huge improvement over earlier attempts, but the only one I truly love is the middle one in the left collumn, the one looking upwards.

    #3 - A small glasscontainer of the kind you have candles in hanging in our garden, seen from below against the planks of our house. I'm pleased with the highlights on it, and the more I look at it the more I like the result.
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    And here's me spewing out more sketches that I've done over the past two weeks. With the exception of the second one (female head in profile) they are all done with quality pencils or graphite sticks.

    Attempts at drawing heads at various angles.

    A female head in profile, drawn with a crude and unsharpened pencil found at the kindergarden. I'm very happy with the proportions and placement of everything, but the ear got a bit too pronounced.

    A sketch of a coworker sitting. Low on details since she moved a lot, and it was at about 50 meter range. Doesn't really look like the subject at all. ^_^

    The same coworker drawn from behind and at much loser range. I showed it to my step-son and he immediately recognized who it was, so I must have done something right.

    A pen and a spoon that I drew during the boring part of an early morning. I got the shading on the shaft of the spoon way too dark, making it seem deeper than it really is.

    More heads. Trying to get familiar with the different planes of the head.

    Yet more heads. This time I'm trying out various shapes and trying to add some individuality to the faces by drawing heavily on archetypes. Managed to get across what I tried to, so I call this one a success. :P

    My own hand, clenched together. I got quite sore and stiff muscles from trying to hold the pose for the five minutes it took me to draw. It was worth it, though, as I'm very happy with the way the thumb disappear inside the fist and the index finger curves around it.

    More hands, none of them really good. But at least I'm starting to learn.

    Foot. Horrible. Nuff said...

    An imaginary treestump that I drew, trying for an exagerated bark. Lightning's from the left as you might notice.

    Some stick figures I did, just trying to get the proportions right. Not really successful, but could have been worse.

    Two stick figures, and two fleshed out persons. I don't know why, but I end up getting too long arms and too short legs.

    Various sketches. I keep drawing the legs too short, and I don't really notice it until the drawings done. Very annoying. I'm pleased with the foot, though. I particularly like the part where the foot curves into the top of the foot.

    A few facial parts I did two days ago. All in all I'm very happy with them all, but the eye is my favourite.

    Some attempts at drawing mouths. The only ones I like are the upper left and lower right one. Perhaps because they are the only ones with any texture and folds to them. The lower right is made with a graphite stick, the others with a 2B pencil.

    More bodyparts that I drew today. The only ones I'm truly happy with is the half-open mouth in the middle and the ear. I really like the mouth even though the upper lip is a little too long. And the ear belongs to a kid at the kindergarden. All made with a 2B graphite stick.

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    All of these are great! You really do well with heads (although since this is the critique forum, I will have the courage to say that the foot sort of looks like a brick was dropped on it :P )

    but overall some very nice work.

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    I'd go one further and say a truckload of bricks landed on that foot. Looks like something incredibly painful had happened to it and that the bones hadn't set quite right as it healed. ^_^
    Apart from that, thank you for the kind words.

    Here's two more that I did today...


    A very quick sketch of an eye. Not really my best work...


    This started out as a mouth only, tying to get some shading into the lips, but it eventually grew into something more. The scanner must have missed a lot of details, and it's not as visible that the lightning comes from the right as it is on the drawing itself.
    I'm very satisfied with both the lips and the way I managed to highlight the tip of the nose.

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