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Thread: help please

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    help please

    very new to this wonderful land, i have to learn much in ArtRage.

    how can i draw a straight line? a circle?

    sorry if that sounds too silly but i couldn't find a way to do that

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    Hi Xibu and welcome to here. Well the short answer is there is no way to draw a straight line or circle by holding down a key. You can however use the stencils option. I don't know if the current free version has stencils if that's what you're using. If you have the full version though, just click on Stencils at the bottom of your ArtRage window and you'll find ruler and template stencils.

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    i use full version. yes i can see that stencils tool but i was looking to draw line or circle or square shapes more easily, as i do in paint-brush. thank you for the reply. i hope ArtRage will add them next time, maybe.

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    Hiya Xibu...

    ArtRage is a natural painting emulator, so it's pretty unlikely to ever have a constrain-to-straight-line tool.

    The best way I can suggest for you to get around this is the good ole fashioned way.

    I don't know what sort of computer you're using.

    I use a tablet pc. In other words, I wield a digital pen, and paint directly onto the screen of my machine.

    Do you have a tablet pc? Or do you use a Wacom tablet? If you do, you can use my method. If you use a mouse, best head down to a gadget shop and buy yourself a tablet input device. Loads of cheap ones around.

    Here's the method...

    Get yourself a set of drafting tools... ruler, protractor, set squares. And get yourself a flexible French curve.

    I use only the ruler and flexible French curve. I've chucked the rest out. What I've done is pop a strip of felt on the bottom of the ruler, so that it won't scratch my screen. The flexible French curve is rubber, so it doesn't need anything else.

    I use these two items to do specialised drawings.

    When I need to make a circle, I resize my canvas to an appropriate size, and I pop a plastic bottle on the screen, using it as a draw-around template.


    But I think you need to change the way you're thinking about ArtRage before you engage with this method. It's not a drafting tool. It's a sketching, painting, art-making tool.

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    If you do need to draw straight lines and circles you can use rulers and stencils. The trick here is that Stencils can be turned in to Rulers, which will allow you to draw lines that follow their edge. Better yet, add a Stencil and right click it, then select 'Guide' as the mode to use, because guides control the path of your paint but don't clip out any area like rulers or stencils.

    So: Add a ruler or a stencil, set it to guide mode, then paint along its edge and the paint stroke will naturally conform to its shape.

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    Smile making straight lines and circles

    Here is how you can make straight line without the ruler. Hold down the ctrl+shift keys (pc) then with the brush, or pencil tool drag in the direction intended, and let go of the ctrl+shift keys. The result will be a straight line

    To make a perfect circle, you can make your own stencil (if there is none available) by using the circle selection tool below the crayon on the tool pod. Then fill with black and make a stencil of it through the stencil pod.

    -I hope this helps

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    Dear RPhilips and All, thank you so much! can't believe i missed this! so happy to learn new tricks!!!
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    Great tip Roy. It never crossed my mind to just put a french curve or ruler on my Wacom tablet and draw round them. Thanks

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    I just use the built in stencils in ArtRage and right click on them, select the mode to Ruler mode. With the stencil, I can size the ruler or circle any size I need them to be easily.

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