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Thread: .ptg[edit] c'mon ppl u use it I am sure u know it argh...

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    .ptg[edit] c'mon ppl u use it I am sure u know it argh...

    I've used search, I've used google - nothing how to save artrage file as a .jpg file or how to convert it? It is like even when I create sth i can show it to nobody. I am a newbie in artrage I ve got it for four days with wacom bamboo fun medium.
    Thanks in advence for help.
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    Hi Goblinu!

    ArtRage can save images in jpg, png, tif, psd and bmp. It's always a good plan to keep a working copy of your art in ptg format as well, just in case you decide you want to make changes in it later, as our format includes layers, paint thickness, paint wetness and so on. However, here's how you can save out your ArtRage paintings in other formats:

    1/ Go to the File menu
    2/ Choose 'Export as Image'
    3/ Select the filetype you want, enter a filename and confirm.

    All done! You'll now have your artwork saved in a standard file format. If you go to the Help menu and click on 'ArtRage Manual', the section entitled 'Creating and saving paintings' goes into a little more detail.

    I hope that helps!
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    Thanks a lot, sometimes I suprise myself...

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