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    Smile scarlet ibis

    Hi, fellow Ragers. I've had ArtRage sititng on my computer for some time now... only just recently purchased the full version. So I dusted off the tablet and started my first painting.

    I still haven't added the fine detail... still messing around with the background. (aiming for one like ref #2)

    Does the crayon's chalky texture look odd on top of the paint?
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    irishrose Guest
    Gorgeous color! thanks for showing us how it's done! Very vibrant and lovely brush strokes! Oh, and no, the crayon texture looks just fine!

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    So glad you did and welcome to here. You might find it easier to mix tools if you use the Layers option ... but maybe you already know that. Anyway, looking good so far and can't wait to see the finished work and many more.

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    By the time I'd realized that I forgot to make layers it was too late. I'll probably make one for the texture/highlights later.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    With regard to the crayon texture on top of the oil: whatever touŽre doing, youŽre doing very well up to this point. Looking forward to the finished version.

    And as Robert said, donŽt forget the layers on your next painting. They make playing around with variations/highlights a lot easier. When you know you canŽt mess up the base image that youŽre satisfied with, youŽll feel "braver" in trying all sorts of things.

    Keep at it!
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