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Thread: uniclub logo

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    uniclub logo

    alright i did a little sketch it is my first one ever.
    so her it is tell me what you think

    now i have 1 question i want it in real grafity colors.
    how do i accomplish that

    greetings unisol

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    Dear Djunisol, Hello!!! if "Uniclub" is a place to relax you have sketched appropriate letters for the logo, very good job!!!

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    Looks like a great logo for a nightclub.

    As far as doing it in a graffiti style,
    you could make a stencil out of it and paint it with airbrush on another layer.
    Just an idea. Set the top color layer to multiply blend mode and the logo will retain its black strokes. If you have the full version of artrage. If not, you will just have to experiment with what works best. Maybe you could use a graffiti picture for a reference photo and sample some of your favorite colors?

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