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Thread: Room project

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    Room project

    Hi all,

    I've decided to try a little 3D project using exclusively (well almost) AR for texturing and textures.

    The idea is to model a room and its contents, using AR for the textures on each object. The object is to use textures painted in AR in the room without fiddling or changing the textures to much, so that it stays true to the original AR image.

    The first test -

    A chair I modeled, which will be put in the room eventually (please note that I am by no means a great modeler). The image of the chair is just a quikck render from Carrara. It shows the chair and the painted AR texure applied to it. Still needs some work. Haven't done the legs yet.

    The texture was painted in AR. A copy is attached for reference. I used the same texture image for the chair and cushion.

    We'll see how this develops. Playing with ideas as I go along.

    Hope you like it.

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    Looking great so far...

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    Interesting idea and interesting use of AR!
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