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Thread: Forum Profile suggestion

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    Forum Profile suggestion

    I have no idea how much control you have over the design of the forum and what's available in a person's profile, however I was just thinking that it would be nice if each member could set up a thumbnail gallery visible in their profile that a visitor could click on to see larger versions of that member's ArtRage work.

    This idea came to me when I saw one member's artwork and wanted to see more by him, but didn't have the time to browse through the entire forum.

    While I could do "Find all posts by *membername*", some have had several hundred posts and only a small percentage might have had artwork in them.

    And actually, doing that now with Aged P's posts, I'm not sure that the list displays images as I don't see any of his art even though I'm five pages in.

    Anyway, if it's not possible due to the forum software I understand.

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    There have been some discussions about possibly searching the pictures for pieces by specific members. That would serve a similar purpose - or the profile item could even be a link to the search functionality.


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