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Thread: ArtRage skills transfer to real materials?

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    ArtRage skills transfer to real materials?

    Hi all,

    I'm a learning watercolorist in real life, but I have a lot of fun with ArtRage. Especially, I like using it to attempt opaque media like oils without all the mess.

    I'm curious though -- if I get fairly skilled doing "oils" in ArtRage, would the skills transfer to doing real oils on a real canvas? Does anyone have experience doing this? It's obvious that there are differences in the details, but in terms of the major processes, sketching, blocking, adding color notes, might I be gaining any ground on the real thing by practicing in ArtRage, or should I just consider it a completely separate world?


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    I think the answer has to be a qualified yes but maybe not for the reasons you think and/or hope. It seems to me that there can be little doubt that anything that sharpens your skills in one medium will bleed over into others even if it's more a mental skill than a physical one. One of the beauties of ArtRage is that you can try so many different things so easily and with no mess or expense and it's quite possible that something you "discover" in AR will be translatable to other media.

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    Although I only use digital media for painting, etc., I have read in various threads how quite a few who work in traditional media use ArtRage in their planning/testing stage to save on time and expense before settling into a project.

    I think Robert´s comment is on the mark. And while the handling of non-digital materials is probably very different, working in AR on composition, sketching, blocking, color, etc. (the major processes you mentioned), should be readily transferrable to any media.
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    Personally, having viewed your entire Flicker thread, you are an amazing photographer and fantastic watercolorist. I don't think you would have any problem adding your talent to oils. I think artrage would be a great way to plan out your composition for oil painting. Of course loving to see what you do with artrage too. I have no experience in oil painting so I don't know how useful it is for learning oil painting, but then again I don't think you would have a problem in any media. Your photos and watercolors are like a breath of fresh air. Charged with a joy for life and a wonderful exploration of design and composition. You have a great eye for what makes great art.... in any medium. Your flicker stream is inspirational and hopefully contagious.
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