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Thread: Numeric Color Picker

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    Numeric Color Picker

    Is anyone experiencing a difference in colors between art programs when typing in the same RGB numbers? I find that I can select a color in PSP, write down the RGB factors and insert them in AR, and the color in AR is always significantly darker.

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    I've just tried comparing AR and GIMP and it seems fine. Same goes for MS Paint. The only reason AR looked darker in parts was because of the lighting it has.

    Maybe a PSP problem?

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    Note that some applications apply gamma-correction to colours as well (boosting the dark colours to be lighter).
    The 'gamma' of a monitor is the way it distributes changes in brightness as you go from dark colours to light. CRT screens have a different gamma to LCD screens. The gamma of screens change as they get older as well.

    So... Some applications apply a gamma correction. ArtRage doesn't currently apply any gamma correction so darker colours will appear darker on some screens than colours from applications that do support gamma correction.
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