Hi there, first of all I'm new here so hello everyone

I haven't ever used a tablet before and so didn't want to start spending money and find it wasn't for me, so initially went for the small Bamboo Fun, just to let you know what I'm using.

I wanted to practice by drawing something simple like a Pokemon for example. Nice clean lines and simple use of colours to create shading. But I'm not sure how to go about it. Do I start with the darker colours on the bottom layers maybe using one layer for each area of colour?

I also want to get really neat black outlines just as the original pictures have. But I seem to get slightly rough edges and also can't find a technique for keeping my hand steady. I can usually draw freehand just fine but am struggling with this tablet.

I'm aware the limitations and small size of the tablet may be part of the problem though.

It's nice clean lines I need to work toward and no doubt putting them down last will hide any imperfections on the areas I have coloured.

Am I maybe being too ambitious even with what is seemingly a simple idea for a first picture?

Any tips as to what might be a good starting point, especially with smooth, clean lines would be fantastic.

Thank you for any replies.