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Thread: A landscape project

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    A landscape project

    Today I sat down to draw something disturbing, scary and ominous today, determined to master the oil-tool in ArtRage. Well, so much for inspiration and final outcome... :-/

    I don't know HOW really, but after about 15 minutes my painting took on a much lighter and relaxed tone, and suddenly a river emerged? Huh? No mysterious cloaked man with weird bodyparts? This quickly evolved into green hillocks, and then a cloudy sky.

    My hands had taken control, my mind simply sitting in the back of my skull, observing.

    I realized this was the beginning of a rather ambitious project: I was going to create my first detailed landscape picture. And why not list my progress here? What way I can get feedback on what you like and not, and you can see it all evolve from basic blots of colour into something more.

    Not very good yet, but it'll evolve...
    The clouds are simply blots of different colours that I "pushed around" using a soft palette knife. Everything else is done with varying sizes of brushes and different shades of colour and thinners.

    I'm not too pleased with the curve of the upper part of the river, so I'll change that to a little more straight line. I'll probably let it disappear behing a hill a little earlier too.

    I'm planning on adding brushes, and probably a tree or too as well. And the rocks on the left will have better shading and texture, possibly some ivy or moss on it as well.

    The river is kind of bland and too bright now. As the landscape get more definition I'll add colour from them into the water, hopefully creating something approaching reflections.
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    I realized there were so many things I wanted to change that I started painting it all over again on a different layer, deleting the old as I progressed.

    I now have the sky, water and ground on three different layers. Some might call that cheating (and they may be right), but it's a way of working that I'm very comfortable with, and I feel it gives me more control over the final outcome.

    I'm actually very pleased with how the distant hill turned out. As for the ground that's more close up, I like it, but I'll probably add more details later on in the process.
    I'll leave the water for last since that's the one I'm most worried about (backward logic, perhaps).

    Seeing how the ground is lighted I'm guessing the sun's somewhere to the left. I'll add more clouds later, and some rays of light penetrating them to light up select spots of the landscape.
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    Coming along nicely. The river looks much more realistic and in perspective in the second version. Keep going.

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    Thanks... ^_^

    Did a little more work, and this is what I've got so far.
    I'm going to bring a lot more details on the rocks, and possibly a different set of colors, but it's a beginning.

    I'm happy with how the valley in the background turned out.
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    Oh, I forgot to mention how much I love the sky. This is getting to be very polished ... really nice.

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    Thanks for sharing your progress. Its always interesting to see how something takes shape.

    Id say youre definitely moving in the right direction so far. Keep at it! Well be watching.
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    fun process. is this a particular place or imaginary? looks good.

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    this is coming on great...
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    Thanks for the boosting words, everyone. ^_^
    And it's not a particular place, Jim. It's either something subconscious or complete imagination, I'm not sure which.

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    Awesome process. Nothing is cheating because there are no rules here. Just mostly use the program. Oh yea, and having fun if not a rule is certainly recommended.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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