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Thread: cat by the window

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    cat by the window

    Attachment 17975Hi everyone! A newbie terribly in awe here. I've been looking around and I have to say I do wish I could learn to be half as good as most of you here. I've only recently discovered ArtRage and am only using the Starter edition at the moment with a mouse.

    Sharing with you my first non-abstract painting to date, which is far from finished. Would truly appreciate feedback. Thank you!
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    Hi there. Welcome.

    I think it's a solid start. Someone posted not so long ago (wish I could remember who. . . scottf maybe?) and he said that it's not a bad idea to just play for a while and not be too concerned. Play is good. And I think one can learn a lot from pushing paint around just for the sheer delight and surprise that you're bound to experience.

    If you want to go the other route, which is also legitimate, then get a photo and do some copying. See what happens as the challenges within that route begin surfacing.

    Sooner or later you will cover both territories to some degree or other.

    But have fun.
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    Hi D Akey! Many thanks for your kind comments and for the sound advice. You are right of course, nothing beats playing around and that's exactly what I've been doing. Still, I'm looking forward to learning more tricks and tips from you and the rest of the group. Thanks again!

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    Welcome to ArtRage and the AR forums!

    Youīre off to a good start. I donīt know if I posted the comment mentioned by D Akey, but itīs a good idea to simply play around and have fun testing the tools, figuring out how to save, how to use layers, and whatever. If nothing looks too good to you, it doesnīt matter.

    Once you get comfortable with how the program works, then you can start to get serious. But donīt get too serious.

    We all like to do the best we can, but I think for most, weīre in it for the enjoyment. (And Iīll add: about the figuring out how the program works, itīs something that never ends. Thereīs always something new and different to explore.)
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    Hi Scott F! Thanks for the warm welcome! Will definitely keep that valuable advice in mind, "don't get too serious." I may not have figured everything out yet but am definitely having loads of fun!

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