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Thread: Transparent Canvas???

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    Transparent Canvas???

    OK There must be a way to have a transparent background completely. I have selected cell and exported it to ps cs by png and psd and both still has a slight backgraound (checkers) I like to make glitter doodles with no background. right now I am having to use the magic eraser and its still leaving some white spots around the image.. Please help this dumb girl understand..

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    Hi Michelle. Make sure you have the latest (2.11) version of ArtRage so the exporting of transparent image function works correctly.

    Even in the earler ArtRage, if you open the layer stack, click on the small arrow to the left of the layer you want to export, choose 'Export Layer', and export as PSD or PNG, the transparency for the layer will be preserved.

    But it's best if you have the latest version of ArtRage. You can upgrade from earlier versions for free by visiting our downloads page:
    and look for the 'ArtRage Full Version 2.11 Update' section.

    If you have any problems running the patch to update, drop us a note at and we'll get it all sorted for you.
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