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    ive just got this programme and wanting to try the trcing but how does it work please

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    To load a tracing image you can just click on the tracing icon button on the adjustment palette at the bottom of your canvas. Located between the Stencils and References icon buttons, (it looks like a blank white square tilted on an angle.) You can also load a tracing image from the Tools pull down menu:
    Tools>Tracing Options>Load New Tracing Image
    If you want to change the opacity of the tracing image:
    Tools>Tracing Options>Edit Tracing Image
    You will find some other options converting the tracing image to a layer. Hope that helps.

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    Also, if you want to load a tracing image when beginning a new painting--under the new painting options, it says load tracing image. Click there and find your image. Then you can arrange the canvas size, paper choice, etc., as with any new painting.
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