I have had several driver related issues since I bought my own Wacom tablet and uninstalled the previous graphire driver. That nearly blew my whole system apart and I finally had to re install Windows XP itself with all the attending windows programs. But then things ran smoothly for months and months.

Now, this past week the problems have mysteriously returned and searching around the web led me to the 'latest driver download from Wacom'.
Goodie, so I first uninstall existing driver as advised, and start up new installation. Here's the problem: having begun the installation, the tablet setup status progress bar stops and hangs at halfway. It just hangs there for hours on end!!!

When I go to cancel, it says no-can-do set up is still in progress...
Its been hanging there the whole morning now and this does not bode well - nothing takes that long to install. So it looks like I'm back to square one - without a working tablet and no solution in sight.... AAAAARRRRRGGGGG

(I emailed Wacom of course, but even if I get a response it could take weeks)
If anybody has ANY ideas? ..these will be gratefully received!