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Thread: Looking for tutorials

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    Looking for tutorials

    Hi there,

    I'm a newcomer on these forums. Haven't read it all yet so my questions might have answers elsewhere, but well .

    I'm not very experienced in using a tablet for drawing (i have a Wacom Volito 2), though i have some experience in design (using my tablet for image editing in Paint Shop Pro, doing some video stuff with Adobe Premiere Elements 4, and learning 3D with DirectX ).

    I'd like to learn the basics to draw using ArtRage2. I think i can draw quite well, but it seems i can't draw a human body correctly - are there any tutorials explaining a bit how to do ? I'd also be happy to have a few generic tips and advices about drawing using a tablet.

    And, last thing, i never managed to do anything good with colors on ArtRage2. I'd love to have a few tutorials learning how to add some colors to a black & white drawing.

    Thanks a lot,


    PS : Sorry if i'm annoying and asking a lot of stuff =P

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    Hi Seliah. If you look in the Tips and Tricks section, right at the top you'll find a thread with a list of tutorials. No one here minds you asking questions either. So welcome to this supportive community and hope to see some of your work soon.

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    My tip is looking @ some replays on youtube. Digital Robert is a good one to start, u can watch him how the painting grows, he doesn't use Artrage but the basic's are the same.



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