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Thread: Seacane Station

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    haha...very surprise bonus..maybe consider post one copy to Behind the brush too. Nice to meet you.

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    Delaware, USA

    Media Local

    I used to live right near the Secane Station. Take the Media train to Philadelphia. Nice to see it immortalized in digital paint.

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    I, too, loved seeing this painting unfold, and the changes suggested were very interesting.

    As a neophyte digital painter, "process" is fascinating to me. I'm still trying to find my way and feeling like I stumble more than I progress.

    Added note: A friend of mine just purchased ArtRage 2 for her daughter for Christmas at my recommendation. I know she will enjoy it very much!
    Crazy in Wisconsin

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    Mike and Fen,
    Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Glad you enjoyed. ArtRage would be a great gift. You can have a sucessful art experience at every level of skill. Drawing from scratch or tracing or somewhere inbetween... all fun and creative. She'll love it.
    Mike, check my gallery too. I painted a number of R3 scenes you might enjoy, being familiar with the subjects.
    I hung an 8x10 print of this station at the Secane station, and I used it to talk-up Artrage to an other commuter who was drawing on a scetch pad. Maybe we'll get another rager.


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