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Thread: "Elixir of the Gods"

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    Tigwa Guest

    "Elixir of the Gods"

    I am enjoying this one but I am not sure where it is going.....
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    Well if you donīt know, I certainly canīt tell you.

    The liquid quality of the the flowing blue elixir is very good! I might like to try some of that.
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    Tigwa Guest

    Wink Elixor of the Gods --- Finished

    Finihed late tonight......

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    Yes it is much clearer here. It is a head of a bearded old man. In this case he's pouring water onto . . . the Earth?

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    Tigwa Guest

    Wink Thanks D Akey

    You are right on both. I had no idea what it was at first ...
    Just went with a feeling.
    Couldn't work on it until yesterday when I got back into the mood.
    Thanks for your review.

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