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Thread: Apple Rage

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    Apple Rage

    I was just in an Apple store here in LA and I saw the ArtRage Deluxe package on display for sale! Yay!

    Well done to the Rage team getting it onto the shelves there.
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    Hey that's great! We should be getting some boxes here soon depending on how long shipping takes. That's the problem with working remotely like this, you don't get to see the fruits of your labour until a while later.

    We are preparing some information on the various versions to demystify them too, that should be coming soon.
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    I got a box recently!

    Fantastic packaging, very professional. Stood up to industry standard expectations when it comes to shrink wrapped softwares. Very impressed! I'm proud to say I'm an AR gal.

    I gifted the box to a DEAR dear friend in the Cayman's. Waiting impatiently for him to pay us a visit. Dr Joe is a talented artist and wonderous jewelry designer/creator.

    He should give us gems with AR.

    Well done RageGuys.
    Kathy LaFollett

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    You know what this means, don't you? We're going to get more posters here and we are going to be busier then a one-armed wall paper hanger in a hurricane trying to look at all the great stuff they will be doing.

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    You´re right, Bobbi! But maybe it will also mean more money for the ArtRage development team.
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    irishrose Guest
    Congratulations AR team!!!!

    I also did recently pick up the box set and it is wonderful. I already own a copy of AR but it's nice to have a second one for the PC when the kids take my puter! Also, there is a nice manual with it and tutorials... It is awesome! Go out and get one for your friends! I don't mind more posters... the more, the merrier, and as Scott said, the AR team will profit more... good for them, they've worked long and hard for this moment!

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