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Thread: Stencil sensitivity control?

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    Stencil sensitivity control?


    I just wondered if there is any way to control the sensitivity as to what parts of an image ArtRage determines should be part of a stencil? In other words, do you need to have a high-contrast picture for the stencil to work, or can it take a greyscale image and make it into a usable stencil?



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    A grayscale image will work as a stencil. The gray areas will be semi-opaque.

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    Your question intriqued me so I took a full colored rose and made it into a stencil. Then I made a greyscale of the rose and made that into a stencil.

    Here are the results...

    Full color:

    Name:  rosecolor.jpg
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    Name:  rosegreyscale.jpg
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    Doesn't seem to be that much difference. I think all that matters is you paint what you want for a stencil and then simply let the program take care of the rest.

    From what I could gather when playing with stencils -- anything is fair game -- meaning any picture will make a stencil so long as your background isn't transparent. I painted a tree with a transparent background, made a stencil and it really did not work


    P.S. the variance could be the amount of color I laid on with the airbrush.
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