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Thread: Mac menu visible at mouse-down?

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    Thumbs up Mac menu visible at mouse-down?

    Is it possible to have Mac version menus pop out on mouse-down, not mouse-up. My hand-brain circuitry has several years of working this way, and I find it quite disconcerting to have to tell myself to let the mouse up for any results. (And in some other actions where this happens.) It delays me.

    I read that Matt is responsible for the "curvy goodness" of the user interface. BRAVO. It's so functional, accessible, and FUN to use! (Reminds me of the old days of KAI tools, etc.). With Layers, Stencils, and TAB key Show/Hide, I'm having great fun exploring easily.

    I love the program (please don't go Vector on us. . . stencils can be made, then resized at use. I think that's close enough for 'object' function here).

    I really don't expect to get over the current mouse-up programming, tho. Please, please. . .

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    I've made a note to look at the menus for the next revision of the product, I'll see if we can get them behaving more like the OS menus, it makes a lot of sense. Glad you like ArtRage, we're committed to keeping it fun and easy to explore as we go forward so I think you'll enjoy what's coming
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