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Thread: Blending Tools?

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    Blending Tools?

    Well, I'm trying the ArtRage starter pack to test it out before buying. I don't like the bloated price tag of Corel Painter, especially considering I really need only basic functionality.

    But, to speak of basic functionality, are there no blending tools for ArtRage, such as a stump or Photoshop-style smudge tool? I've tried the palette knife, which sorts of works for this, but then again, no, not really.
    Of course, with the starter, I can't try the soft blending option, which may very well work, but if I purchase the full version, and it doesn't, then I've spent my money unwisely.

    Are there any other options for blending that I've missed, or are there any plans to add blending features?
    I really need fine-tuned rendering for my line of work. I've always considered this a basic yet essential feature for art programs.
    Am I missing something here?

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    Hi Antonio, welcome to the ArtRage forums.

    I donīt know what is included in the starter pack, but Iīve found the palette knife set on the soft setting works pretty well for most blending. Sometimes, I spend more time blending (making many passes) than I do with the actual painting.

    Another point is the price. For the small price of the full version, you probably wonīt lose much even if it doesnīt have exactly what you want. Itīs just a thought.

    I hope you can get things sorted out.
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    Hi Antonio, It's all in the knife.. a multitude of diffrerent combinations with the knife, but it is all there.. Like Scott, sometimes I spend as much time with the knife as with the brush, but believe me it is in there..
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    Antonio, please read this thread:
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    Antonio, don't deprive yourself of finding out what Art Rage can do, go ahead and fork out the very affordable price for the full package. You aren't going to spend days and days trying to figure out how to use the tools, etc. You can get going from moment one. And as you use it, and practice, you will improve each time. Take the time to go through the gallery and check out what others are actually doing with Art Rage. Go for it. Then join us here in the forum and post your works.

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    I personally use either the crayon (~3% pressure, 100% softness) or brush (with 0% loading) for blending. Crayon on these settings works best on the cel canvas, which I think may not be available in the trial version.

    Once I learned how to blend in ArtRage I abandoned Painter completely.

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