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Thread: Black Dragon

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    Black Dragon

    HiYa well this is my 1st ever Dragon, and only my 5th ever pic using a wacom. I am likin it so far just need to add the other hind leg and some more detail...
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    Wow, that's looking great, and I do like the patterning on the wings. I look forward to seeing where it goes as you add detail, the first thing I noticed was that the line worked looked fine even now
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    Nice work. I like the big picture and the detail.

    Don't ask me why, because he has a lot of traditional qualities, but this one has a bit of the insect feel about the wings and the pose in addition to reptilian. Gives it a unique and interesting look -- a different species of dragon perhaps who may have different qualities than we look for in the common garden variety dragon.

    Looks like he could bite and sting a town pretty well. And the mothlike insignia on the wings also remind me of insignia on fighter planes from WWI era.
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    Very nice peacock dragon, hehe! It already has a very promissing appeal. If you don't mind me suggesting things...

    - the overall tiger stripes look quite fine and help to produce the volume, but watch the legs, particularely the shinbone-striping, whcih flattens out that part of the hind leg. recapture the volume by bendng them a little, just imagine the cylinder at that perspective.

    - the hind leg's talons have a very even length, which robs it of the dynamic you managed to introduce everywhere else!

    - The peacock feather or rather butterfly eye pattern is very cute, and I wouldn't exactly suggest to change anything there, but just as a little hint, since it looks a little more butterfly it does suggest that the dragon is very little, because only smaller insects and critters have to use this pattern to scare off predators. My suggestion would be a little something that either turns it more into a mating display by adding another set of smaller circles to the wing or by changing the appearance of the "eyes" a little to look like something a little more arbitrary.

    - I do think there's not really a visible jaw, which could push the skull portion a little more toward complete appeal, but it's just an idea. Doesn't have to be massive or overly pronounced, just suggested a little more.

    All in all, really sweet and very, very promissing! Congratulations on your wacom and you seem to get used to it rather quickly! Very good indeed!, now I have relaxed enough by wildly tossing out ideas and observations... maybe I'll do some painting again!

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    @ Taron -- Great critique!
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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