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Thread: Anyone live in Albuquerque NM USA?

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    Anyone live in Albuquerque NM USA?

    I just figured out (long story ) that I'll be moving to Albuquerque soon.

    I know almost nothing about that city and will have to find an apt. (over 55) soon and from a distance. Yikes!

    I'll be looking for a cheap (HAH) to moderate 2 bedroom apt. in a 'nice' part of town, not ritzy.

    Near shopping, bus lines yada yada.

    I'm not asking for a referral, but rather an idea of a safe, quiet and pleasant neighborhood to start my quest in the Classifieds.

    Just thought I'd throw this out. P.M. me if you wish.

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    I canīt really help you, but forget good public transport. It doesnīt exist outside the larger cities in the east/northeast or in parts of the larger places in the west--which arenīt Albuquerque. Good luck!
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    Thanks Scott.

    I sorta knew about the transportation. But I have found a, hopefully, nice/small place there and will probably be moving in a few weeks.

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    I don't know the area. Call a couple real estate agents from different companies there and ask. That's the kind of stuff they would have at their fingertips. And if some of the areas are the same that you her recommended, it's probably true and not just a matter of them having property to sell/fill there.

    Good luck. Maybe somebody who lives there will answer.
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