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Thread: Fish stencils (dolphin added 23 June '08)

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    Hi Rowena,

    Try clicking on fish2 in your browser and let it open fully before you download and save it to your PC.

    Fish2 (size 1635 X 831) is a much larger image than Fish1 - (As I understand it, the larger the image, the better the quality of the stencil)

    That is why you can save Fish1 directly from the first post. The entire original image is capable of being displayed directly in the thread. The image displayed of Fish1 in the thread is the actual file I uploaded to the server. Not so with Fish2.

    You are not saving the original Fish2-file from the post where it appears in the thread, although it might look like you are.

    It must have something to do with the way the forums are set up on the server.

    The image displayed in the post where I posted Fish2 is just a sample or thumbnail and not the actual image. You have to click on it to open the actual uploaded image and then save it.

    Try that and let me know if it works.


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