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Thread: Request--Tablets for beginners

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    Request--Tablets for beginners

    I just got my first tablet, a Wacom Bamboo. It's a great tool, but I was wondering if anyone from this wonderful community could provide, either personally or via link, some sort of technique guide for new users. Any tips would be most welcome, particularly regarding Artrage's tools and how to best use them with a tablet.

    One specific question I have is how the pressure setting on the desktop works with the sensitivity built into the stylus. Is the slider a maximum setting for the tablet?

    Thanks for any help you can provide,


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    irishrose Guest
    Hi D-Man, I have a pressure sensitive tablet and pen and I use the controls that are on the Wacom Tablet in the system preferences to change the sensitivity. If you have a program you can use that has a brush tracking feature (e.g. Painter, or Photoshop Elements), that would work too. If you need to talk about it, PM me and I'll send you my number if that would help.

    I think you just have to get into the system preferences for the tablet itself.

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    Thanks, Rose. I've played with the tablet configuration tool a bit as well as programmed my buttons on my tablet.

    I should have been clearer when I spoke of the pressure setting on the desktop. What I meant was the slider in Artrage in the left hand settings menu (with the other tool-specific sliders. e.g. thinners, loading, softness, etc.). Does setting that slider to a lower value set a limit to the sensitivity or rescale the pressure range with a maximum value of the slider setting. Wow, that's wordy.

    Basically, if I'm using the pencil tool at 100% on the slider, I will get the heaviest, darkest line at the highest pressure my tablet will read. If I set it to 50%, does that mean I will get the darkest line at half the maximum pressure, or that the tool will max out at a medium-gray line?

    Sorry for any confusion,


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    irishrose Guest
    Hi D Man,

    I guess you're right, I didn't understand. I think those slider buttons are only for transparency and line thickness and doesn't have anything to do with the tablet sensitivity, but then you can ask the AR guys (PM MattRage or AndyRage)... they should be able to tell you. Let me know, okay? Thanks,

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