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Thread: Time Necessary to get correct stroking

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    Time Necessary to get correct stroking

    I just started using ArtRage about 5 days ago. I worked on the QuickStart tutorial at least a half dozen times and cannot get the "stroking". My image comes out looking absolutely nothing like the sample. I use a mouse as I don't want to invest in a graphics tablet until I'm sure I can determine I can use the program. On the average, how long would you say it takes to get the proper stroking. Mine come out looking like nothing more than a bunch of mixed up crisscrosses. No texture just rectangular blocks with no resemblance of what I was trying to create.

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    Hi there,

    Using a mouse with paint software will tend to make the strokes fairly generic as the pressure can't be varied along the length of the stroke ( You're stuck with one pressure setting for the stroke with a mouse ). However, you still should see texture if you're using paint, for example the bristle strokes should show up.

    If your paint looks very flat, check the value of your 'thinners' dial on the left hand side. Having the thinners set to a high value thins the paint out so it will start looking smooth and less opaque. If you reduce the value of the thinners, or even move it to 0%, you'll find that your paint strokes look a lot more textured with the bristle marks from the brush, and more like oils.

    There's also a feature we added to allow people to turn off the lighting in ArtRage. This will make everything look a lot flatter. This can be toggled on and off by pressing F5, so if your entire painting looks flat and untextured, try pressing F5 to see if you had the lighting disabled.

    If unsure, feel free to make a few paint strokes with the mouse which show the problem, and email me the file ( you can export it via the File Menu --> Export as Image and choose jpg as the file type ) at I can take a look at it here and get an idea of whether you're getting an expected result or not.
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