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Thread: Rotation... no, not the one you're thinking of!! :)

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    Rotation... no, not the one you're thinking of!! :)

    The current method of dragging left/right to rotate the canvas seems unnatural and imprecise to me. It'd be nice if when you activate the rotate tool, you have to click and drag in a circular fashion around the center of the screen to rotate the canvas. That way, the further away from the center of the screen you are, the more precise the rotation (Like the tool dials work currently).

    Allow finer degrees of rotation. Right now the canvas can only rotate a certain number of degrees at a time. It'd be nice to have it rotate in as fine an increment as your input motions can create.

    Hotkey for resetting rotation. It's way to cumbersome to hunt through a menu to reset the rotation of the canvas. I want to rotate the canvas, make my paint strokes, and then jump back to the original rotation in the blink of an eye, without taking my eyes off the canvas.
    Jon Huhn
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    He he he,

    How did you know the rotation i was thinking of!?! :twisted:

    Seriously, this does sound like a good sugestion, I never considered this since I am a tablet pc user and just spin my machine arround to suit my needs for angles and such... but if i was using a graphics tablet or mouse on a fixed screen.... I could see the benifit of user defined rotation via handles or some thing similar. I also think that a tool level button would be much more efficient than hunting through a menu.
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    The left/right rotate is not natural for myself either and I would love to see it change to a circular dragging motion! This is actually a key issue for me as I am constantly rotating as I work, every few strokes at times.

    I have sometimes used the D key to reset the rotation but usually don't as it resets the zoom and centers the image, generally disrupting my flow. I would love to see the resetting of rotate mappable to its own separate hotkey.


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