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Thread: HI everyone! I need some help.

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    HI everyone! I need some help.

    Hi everyone. I just started using Art Rage and started on this trace that I just finished up this morning.

    Being a veteran, this work is a little sentimental, especially today, Memorial Day.

    I used the photo as a base and traced from there. I have applied pencils. Can someone color it?

    I really would like to see what some of the great artist here would do. And don't worry about being 'realistic'. I have linked the original photo just for reference.

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    Hi, welcome Kwaichangkang!
    What You did tracing shows You've got a natural talent for drawing, so, whoever else will finish it, I bet You too would be able to produce a great coloured version and maybe You should do it.

    I would add also that, nothwithstanding many of us, who are not US, have obviously different memorial dates, I think that in Europe and in several other places in the world, there are countries and people who feel admiration for the positive contribution of US in recent history and friendship towards them in so far they still keep the memory for the essential contribution US gave in the II World War and during the Cold War to keep all of us free!
    I would thus friendly applaud to tribute the deserved honour to US soldiers in the Memorial Day and I warmly wish US people to continue using their talents and power positively, collaboratively and wisely for the common global interest, in a win-win game going beyond their national boundaries and to keep away from what may hit the reputation and honour patrimony they built.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Thanks Caesar

    How eloquently stated. I could not agree more with you. Thanks for the compliments.

    I do intend to color it myself. I even gave my 8 year old a chance too, even though she has no idea what it it she's coloring lol!

    I find that Art Rage is extremely helpful for tracing, with the easy user interface, I did not think I was jumping thru too many menus trying to do what I wanted.

    Excelsior Caesar!

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    Your pencil version is very nicely done, dramatic. It needs no color to be effective, but it might wind up more how you want it with color.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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    Thanks ScottF for the tip

    I'm going to do a minimalists background in pencil. I'll update this thread. But colors are still up for grabs

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