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Thread: Genius Tablet--Supported?

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    Genius Tablet--Supported?

    I've been thinking about buying my first tablet for using with ArtRage, but I never wanted to shell out the hundred dollars or so it would cost just to see if I liked it. Well, now has this Genius Slim Tablet G-Pen F610 on sale for $69.95 +free shipping. It sounds like a good deal (1024 pressure levels, 10" x 6.25" active area, 125 rps) but I've never heard of it and, more importantly, I don't know if it works with ArtRage. Can anyone tell me if it will work, and also is it a good product?

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    Hi D-man777,

    I have a relatively cheap (and rather old) Mouse Pen 8X6 Genius Tablet (1024 pressure sensitive) and it does work without any problems in AR. Do not know the specific one you refer to in your post though. I'd say go ahead and try it. IMHO you do not need to use a fancy expensive tablet to enjoy AR.



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