I would highly recommend the Wacom tablet for digital art if you want the best. For all you people that have a Wacom or anyone that has $50.00 or less to spend on a tablet try this deal. I purchased two years ago a Medion graphics tablet, with 512 points of sensitivity. This is only half the sensitivity of the Wacom Intuous yet still produces fairly good results with a little bit harder application of pressure. It runs on batteries and comes in a 9"X12" size. The tablet pen runs on a AAA battery. The real neat thing about this tablet is the software that comes with it. Two years ago they had an older version of Corel entitled Art Dabbler, and U-Lead Photo Impact 5. The U-Lead Photo Impact 5 program has an excellent feature in the program for creating custom made colors for frames that are predesigned templates, along with fully functional ready to use frames. For anyone looking for a good program to frame your Art Rage work this is an excellent bargain for $40.00. U-Lead is compatible with; JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, PSD, and other file formats. You can add lettering or other creative effects with U-Lead Photo Impact by exporting from Art Rage in a compatible format. You may be interested in using this program for converting your artwork into a web page type format. The Corel Art Dabbler program has some problems since it is so old it requires a special generic_fix program to get it to run. This tablet also comes with encryption software, annotator, and ink for applying markers and other drawing marks into Microsoft Office programs. For $40.00 you cannot beat this price. If you already own a Wacom it is worth the bundled software and good for a back up tablet.

If you would like to see a couple of the frames that are included in the U-Lead Photo Impact 5 program, check out the Gallery section of this Forum and see a topic entitled "first real painting" by author "Hypnomedi".
At this location I have two paintings that are framed with selections from the U-Lead Photo Impact 5 great program feature of frames. In the previous version of Art Rage 1 there was a problem with this Medion tablet that has been corrected, works fine with Art Rage 2. If your looking for
an inexpensive way to frame your Art Rage paintings digitally, this is the way to go. I bought Medion here in the USA at Aldi supermarkets during the month of Nov. for their holiday gift one week special offer (this has been offered over the past two years). Noticed this Medion Graphic Tablet being auctioned off at E-Bay anywhere from bids of $1.00 to $40.00. A little research may provide you a good place to purchase this item.