Hi ArtRage Crew,

I came across a thread the other day, where one asked if it were possible to easily recreate a number of flowers. I suggested the person create a few different flower buds, then duplicate the layers, merge them and create a stencil of which the person would then be able to brush over to create a number of quick flowers. But this got me thinking...

Having recently participated in the Glorious Glitter! Art Project thread and seeing how one could manipulate the colors of the glitter using the "Multicolor" slider, I started to imagine how neat it might be nice to be able to choose (or more to the point, upload my own) an image of a leaf and be able to glitter it onto the canvas in variations of the color I chose. With a setting to allow the 3d lighting to effect it, one could start nice backgrounds quickly, which could then be added upon with more personal, freehand touches (this is something I already do with the stencils I've made, but would be much quicker to do with a tool like this).

With this thought complete, my mind drifted to thoughts of being able to quickly duplicate an image in it's entirety, like having numerous stickers or stamps that have been put down. Something like this would be useful for creating interesting and ornately decorated borders, or again used to duplicate pre-painted images of flower buds, leaves, maybe even cloud groupings.

Just thought I'd throw the idea out there (if it hasn't already been touched on).

Keep up the good work