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Thread: Creating a logo?

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    Creating a logo?


    I am trying to create a logo, all it is, is text that Ive drawn in. But what I want to do is make it so the background box is invisable, so I can literally drop the logo onto websites, flyers etc without it being a rectangle with text in it. Is this possable, please help me Id really appritate it.

    P.s I am very much a novice and apologise if this is a dumb question, I have tried searching the subject first, but to no avail

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    Thank you. I am most gratefull

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    as tempting as it is to use Artrage for a logo, it's no good idea! It's a pixel-based program and once you start reproducing your logo at larger sizes you will run into problem.

    One of the professional programs to use for logo creations is Adobes Illustrator, which is rather pricey. However, you might want to try and use Inkscape, which can be found at


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    The Ulead PhotoImpact XL programme is good for logos as there is a 'magic eraser' option in which you can erase the background with just a click - works best on solid outlines otherwise some of the image can be affected if it has similar colours to the background. You can also sharpen the image etc. It's a nice programme with great frames too.

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