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Thread: Hair tutorial?

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    Hair tutorial?

    I noticed you have a few tutorials on your homepage. Could you possibly make one for painting hair using this medium? Painting hair is the thing I seem to really struggle with and all the digital tutorials I have seen seem to be for Photoshop, using brushes I don't have. I don't want ArtRage to turn into a Photoshop clone, because I think ArtRage is a pleasure to use and Photoshop is a pain if you don't know your way around every feature, but a tutorial for that particular aspect would be very helpful.

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    This is not really Artrage specific - but it might help (it helped me a lot!).


    ( edited link so that it's clickable - DaveRage )

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    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but here's on I found:

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