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    pictures in tex

    Can anyone explain how you upload a picture so that it is viewed inside the text, instead of something you need to click on to view?


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    I guess you mean images attached to the post, right? Images under a certain dimension will automatically be opened for view at the bottom of your post. If they're to large to be viewed in the post, they are made into a link. I think if you resize your images to 600px by 600px or less they'll appear.
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    that worked

    thanks for the help...that worked perfectly...

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    That's the one. The maximum size for images to be displayed directly in posts is 800 by 800 pixels.In future way may have it set up so that it'll just auto-thumbnail larger images however, something we're looking at at the moment
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    I think 800 pixels is the limit. And still they must be under 256k.

    You can also use places like photobucket or picassa (google pictures) to store your images then you
    just copy the image location, paste it in the message box, highlight it and click on the Img tag set button in the boxes of the visual editor bar above your message.
    That's an alternate way to post images.

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