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Thread: Vector Pen and Brush in Rage3....PLEASE

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    Vector Pen and Brush in Rage3....PLEASE

    You just have to put in a Vector Pen tool (but please don't mess with the other natural tools) and I think a much improved pencil tool would be great too!!! It just doesn't work well as it is and the line quality doesn't seem as smooth as it should be. A really good vector pen or brush tool with the ability to taper the lines would be so great!!! Really,..other than this,..I cannot see much more but perhaps a few additional art tools...or settings. All in all,..a great app.
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    I agree, a vector pen with bezier curve editor will be a great add. I d drop my usuals vector software if ArtRage propose an efficient and ultra-stable vector tool.

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    That would be great. I honestly wish that we had a healing brush like photoshop and GIMP. Ive found its really great to create blends with. In photoshop I use a texture to break up the blends to make them seem more natural.

    Selections would be great, savable ones .

    Oh and also (while im at it) a "lock transparent pixels setting for layers. Im sick of having to worry about redrawing a great edge over and over.

    Sry that was a mouthfull.


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    the one in paint tool sai is superb. Its very easy to use the lines to shape the lineart with straight lines and after that bend them...on a vector layer

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    I would also love to see a vector tool. GIMP's implementation is nice. There is a pathing tool that doesn't mess with the rest of the non vector tools. I dearly love the rest of the tools, and see no need for them to change.
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